"Samuel Jablon actually makes his words from scratch, fashioned out of mundane materials and sometimes almost nothing. The words he chooses - and in many instances the poetry - may have existed before, but the artist appropriates them, takes each individual letter and molds them carefully and lovingly into personal tableaus from a variety of materials at hand - sequins, mirrors, thick paint, tiles – and thereby makes them his own. The words mean something,

or perhaps they mean nothing - but in the end it doesn’t matter, because they are beautiful. Like a seasoned speechwriter ghostwriting text for the artworld , Jablon weaves the words with a dazzling and mellifluous spin. He is affable, polite and good-natured and brilliant - in art as well as in life - and the words he chooses reflect that character. They exist easily on the surface but at the same time they also dig deep - they tease and flirt slyly with our imagination but they are also sincere and pure of heart."