"Long a muse and subject of many contemporary masters in the art world, curator/model Mie Iwatsuki joins forces with gallerist/curator/artist Nick Lawrence, of Freight + Volume, to create a very special, intimate portrait show, aptly titled MIE: A Portrait by 35 Artists. Drawing on the venerable tradition of portraiture, but bringing the medium into a contemporary discourse, this show of multiple interpretations of one subject - MIE - promises to be rich and provocative in its variety, insightful and illuminating in its focus. MIE features 35 contemporary prominent and emerging artists, working in every medium - painting, drawing, video, sculpture and performance - who have achieved a unique voice in the realm of portraiture."

Featuring Noah Becker, Paul Brainard, Maureen Cavanaugh, Thomas Eller, Robert Frank, Peter Garfield, Andrew Guenther, Anthony Haden-Guest, Daniel Heidkamp, Noritoshi Hirakawa, David Humphrey, Elizabeth Huey, Min Hyung, Alex Katz, Kurt Kauper, Kevin Kay, Jeremy Kost, Gil Kuno, Nick Lawrence, June Leaf, Hye Rim Lee, Paul D. Miller, Ikki Miyake, Tom Sanford, Kristen Schiele, Ryan Schneider, Rudy Shepherd, Damian Stamer, Eric White, Barnaby Whitfield, Nicole Wittenberg, Saya Woolfalk, Lin Yilin, O Zhang, and Qi Zhilong
With essays by Nick Lawrence, Mie Iwatsuki, John Yau, Peter Frank, and Anthony Haden-Guest.